Cliodna Bright (cliodna_bright) wrote in bertricesmall,
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The Kadin

Hello! I just finished reading The Kadin (find my review at historcl_romnce), and I really enjoyed it! I was surprised at how honestly flawed the characters were. Most importantly, I was was impressed that it didn't fall in to the usual trap of monogomitus [the unfortunate romance-novel afflictions which strikes down apparently healthy Eastern shahs and sultans with Western ideology.] ^_^

I think another reason that I was so surprised by this book is my (limited) background in Bertrice's novels. The only other one of her books that I have read is The Innocent, which is on a whole different playing field, in terms of intimacy and romance. That book is a guilty pleasure of mine, and I rather expected that The Kadin would be just as raunchy, if not more so.
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