Aislynn (wondersofme) wrote in bertricesmall,

New Book.

I noticed how quiet this place has become.. so I thought I'd start off the new year with a post :)

Has anyone read the new book by Lady Small?  The Last Heiress??? I just got it last week and finished it.

Any thoughts on the book? 

What books have you been reading lately? Anything good? Anything to recommend?


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Is that book one of its own or part of a series?

Maybe I will buy it and read it so we can have a chat about the book.
It's her newest one, it came out in Oct/Nov. It's the last book in the Friarsgate Series with Rosamund and her daughters.
I like it a lot. I found it much better than Phillipa, because Elizabeth didn't complain all the time. The only thing that irritates me is Small's obsession with bathing and 'Don't call me Bessie!'. Rosamund's Friarsgate Series is a great favorite of mine.
I really quite enjoyed it as well.. I'm looking forward to getting her newest books as well.



June 17 2008, 17:01:29 UTC 8 years ago

Nice romance story.. I liked it very much.. Some hidden tips are given.. Nice way of writing a love story.. Good one..
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